Cityscape - Lake Land Country Club, Kolkata

Introducing Lake Land Country Club Within a few years of its inception, the Lake Land Country Club has been able to create a niche for itself. And evidence of this fact lies in its large and growing number of satisfied members. Symbolizing a world of leisure and pleasure, the surroundings are idyllic with a rustic ambience comprising lush greenery and a vast expanse of crystal clear waters. The fresh clean airs invigorates the senses and leaves one gasping for more and the sun kissed waters caress the body the revitalize the soul. The sprawling campus gives a sheer feeling of freedom, of unending open green vistas.

Spread over 40 acres of lush green environment and beautiful landscaping, the place is untouched by the hullabaloo of bustling, crowded city life. Yet for those addicted to the pleasures of modern life, this is complete heaven. Come. Be a part of this one-of-its-kind place. What with all modern amenities and latest facilities matched to make it one of the best pleasure hide-outs across the world, just the place for you to run away to.


 Fast Facts


Address:   Opp Kona Expressway, Garpha Poll, Kona Expressway
Tel:   +91-22-28598080
Check – In/ Out:   12pm/12pm








Season Week Numbers
Purple Season 19-21 & 51-52
Red Season 1-8, 14-18, 22-27, 39-46 & 50
White Season 9-13, 28–38 & 47-49
Blue Season NIL

Unit Type
Hotel Room

Unit Amenities
24 hrs room service
Internet Access
Cable TV
Air Conditioned Rooms

Near By Attraction
Shopping Complex – Howrah (5km)
Santragachi Jheel – Lake (10 km)
Other Amenities
Bar / pub
Coffee Shop
Outdoor pool
Gym / fitness facilities
Airport Transportation