It’s believed that we live only once, therefore at holidayscapes we wanted to create a really long list of escapes for you …… and with this desire “CLUB HOLIDAYSCAPES “was conceived. Our mission is to provide our member with “One Club Many Escapes”, whatever be your escape: deserts, beaches, hills, backwaters or exciting cities, Holidayscapes endeavors to bring to you the most exciting holiday escapes. Decide and sign up to become a Holidayscapes member and you would be among the privileged few who can avail these benefits. Not just once, but time after time, year after year – for a lifetime!

Club Holidayscapes was formed in April 2010 and procured a strategic affiliation with RCI - the world leader with the largest vacation exchange network in the world. With eminent hotel chains like the Marriotts , Hiltons , Hyatts and Four Seasons and many more making a conscious presence in the vacation ownership industry , this multi – billion dollar industry is being viewed as a sunrise industry with over 6 million families who own a timeshare membership worldwide and are seeing the world through this .

With a timeshare membership under your belt, you now own the right to make use of an accommodation in an apartment or villa at a holiday resort during the entire tenure of your membership. Your holiday accommodation is usually better designed and planned than a regular hotel accommodation, is spacious and fully furnished, with all comforts and conveniences of home. It’s a home away from home. In some resorts your accommodation may also be equipped with a partial or full kitchen to make the stay more home like and convenient and also makes better economics of a long staying holiday.

Holiday Membership of CLUB HOLIDAYSCAPES provides you access to the resorts / hotels/residencies owned or developed by KDJ HOTELS & RESORTS LIMITED ; along with an access to use the RCI network of 6000 plus resorts spread in over 93 countries. In addition you can also benefit to use the lease resort options, the tie-up resorts and the internal- exchange resort options brought to you by CLUB HOLIDAYSCAPES.

Our flexible points plan provides ultra flexibility and maximum usage benefits to the members. Our diversity in creating product mix at our resort destination make it possible to keep the overall project cost and maintenance cost within reasonable spectrum, thus making CLUB HOLIDAYSCAPES a real value for money timeshare interest in the country. Most importantly, our holiday service managers are committed to provide utmost assistance and sincere support in planning holidays for each member because we believe that your holiday means a world to you and us!!

Owning a timeshare offers families, groups and individuals some of the most flexible and enjoyable vacation alternatives.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibilitycation choices are almost limitless. Vacation ownership, in most cases, allows you the flexibility to choose different locations or destinations, unit sizes, and even different times of the year in which to spend your vacation.

  • Affordability

    The longer you own a timeshare, the more affordable vacationing becomes, especially when you compare it to the annual, ever- increasing expense of renting multiple hotel rooms for family members, and paying for pricey meals outside your room. With a timeshare, which contains a kitchen or kitchenette, families and groups can enjoy affordable meals in the comfort of their own unit, allowing for more family time and less hassle. This means more time for making lasting memories.

  • Variety

    Accommodations in most timeshare resorts offer everything from studio units to two and three-bedroom villas, providing flexible vacationing in a variety of locales around the country and the world. Want to stay at the beach one year and somewhere in the mountains the next? Timeshare properties offer a staggering variety of vacation choices and options.

  • Exchange

    As a timeshare owner, you have the opportunity in most cases to visit your “home” resort each year, or exchange your stay to visit other resorts, destinations, spas (and even cruises or specialty tours) throughout the world—choices that suit many different lifestyles. Choosing a new vacation every year or returning to the same resort … you control where, when, and how you enjoy your vacation.

  • Comfort
    When you own a timeshare, you are purchasing a home away from home—with accommodations that usually include:
    • Spacious floor plans and home-like amenities (unlike traditional hotels or motels)
    • Flexibility in space, for small groups and large ones alike
    • Equipped kitchens and dining areas
    • Washer and dryer, televisions, Stereo and DVD players, and more
    • In addition to in-room amenities, timeshare resorts often include swimming pools and tennis courts, as well
    as spa and fitness facilities; golf, boating, skiing, water sports and planned children’s activities.
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