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How the Membership Works …

Explore the world with the holidayscapes .

Club Holidayscapes is an easy-to-use, points-based approach to vacation membership that offers you the flexibility, convenience and affordability to take dream vacations year after year.

Vacation Flexibility

• Vacation where you want, when you want and for as long as you want.

• Visit one or all of the Club Holidayscapes owned, leased, exchanged and tie up hotels, resorts and residency for
   families and friends.

• Enjoy access to thousands of RCI resorts and hotels worldwide.

Simple and Convenient Planning

• Receive an annual allotment of Vacation Club Points to book thousands of vacation options.

• Experience the ease of the assistance of a dedicated Vacation Planning Advisor for all your vacation needs.

• Bank, borrow or add more Vacation Club Points for longer vacations or to expand your vacation options.

Affordable Family Vacations

• Own your vacations—don’t just take them.

• Secure an inflation free holiday with a one-time purchase.

• Avoid rising hotel room or rental apartment costs.

Have questions? Speak with a Club Holidayscapes representative about the flexibility of vacation planning, the convenience of Vacation Club Points and the affordability of ownership.

Existing Owners, please log in to to learn about the new usage option available to you.

How Membership Club Points Work…

Discover the easy, flexible way to enjoy more vacation options. 3 easy steps to your world of holidays …..CHOOSE, CHECK, CONFIRM YOU’RE HOLIDAY NOW!!!

Purchase Club Holidayscapes Membership

• Purchase the category of Club Holidayscapes Membership based on your family's vacation plans.

• There is a onetime purchase price starting around 1,15,000/- or a low monthly payment.

• Receive an annual allotment of Vacation Membership Points (weeks) to use however you choose as per its category.

• There is yearly maintenance fees termed as Annual Subscription Fees payable mandatory every year.

Plan Your Vacations

• Club Membership Points (week) are flexible currency that you can use for stays at any of the Four collection series listed above which provide you with as many s 4000 resorts in 93 countries to choose from.

• Choose when and how long you vacation, size of accommodations and choice of destination.

• A personal Holiday Planning Advisor is available to help you plan and book all your vacations.

• Flexibility to use Club Membership Points from past or future allotments, or purchase additional points to grow your vacation options.

Go on Vacation

• Stay at one or all of the Club Holidayscapes resorts/hotels/residency.

• Expand your travels to thousands of destinations through RCI.

Speak with a Club Holidayscapes representative to determine the number of Vacation Club Points that's right for your family's vacation needs.


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