Board of Directors

Shri Surendra Kedia - Director Has been one of the key architects for building the Prescon Group, and has been instrumental in diversification of the Group into various fields and raising the stature of the Kedia Group to its present level.

Shri Vinod S Deora - Director A key person of the Deora group. Is a visionary who takes an active part in many social events. Is the ISCKON Temple Head Committee member (Mumbai) and also the President of the Rajasthan Vidyarthi Grih.

Shri Dinesh Jalan - Director Shree R.K Jalan is the founder of the Jalan Group. After inheriting his father’s business in 1950, he started building up the group from his own ability and further diversified into timber, plywood and forest contracts. Jalan Timbers were highly established and well known “timber merchants” in the Northeast part of India. Later, his 3 sons after their qualifications joined their father and took the business to a different height. Taking into consideration the environmental degradation, deforestation and alarming effects of global warming; the business had to be diversified into various other fields in 1995. Mr. Dinesh Jalan S/O Mr.R.K Jalan is one of the key directors in the Jalan Group, who along with his brothers has a vital role to build the empire and maintain the goodwill in the market. Hence, the group has been adding businesses such as Exports, Imports, Infrastructure, Coal mining, Steel industry and real estate with operations and offices in Eastern region consisting of - Orissa, Kolkata, Silliguri, Guwahati, Meghalaya and in the Western region consisting of – Mumbai, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

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